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Say goodbye to guessing games. When it comes to making sense of analytics, SMART is the solution you’ve been waiting for! The right step to reaching your goals is right here.

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SMART - Strategic Marketing Analysis & Reporting Tool

  • Immediate Insight

    SMART provides 15 months of historical data in 5 minutes so you can make immediate improvements.

  • Laser-Focused

    SMART collects your metrics, analyzes and identifies the most important information.

  • A Unified Platform

    Measuring every visit, phone call and social media interaction, SMART is the only platform you need.

SMART Microsites

With the SMART dashboard, we were immediately able to determine the marketing performance of each microsite in our entire region.

Wendy George , Kaiser Permanente

SMART real-time reporting

With four corporate websites & microsites for our agents, we rely heavily on the real-time reporting SMART provides us. It’s a huge time saver and an integral tool to our marketing strategy.

Ken DuBose , Healthplans4less

Simple and Effective

SMART is a simple and effective way to make sense of analytics. It provided the tools and reports necessary for us to improve the performance of our franchise clients websites and enhance their marketing strategies.

Justin Baloun , Founder

30 SMART Locations

Our firm has nearly 30 locations and using SMART, we’ve been able to determine how each location is performing, what leads are generating cases, and our cost per lead and cost per acquisition.

Alex Sanchez , Avrek Law

Immediate Improvement

When we loaded our analytics in the SMART dashboard, we immediately saw low conversion rates coming from social media from our mobile platform and we’re immediately able to improve our site and greatly increase mobile conversion.

Biopharma Scientific